Casting agency Icon represents variety of talents and actors aswell offers the casting service. Icon provides casting and cast for films that require classical beauty as well for very character based stories. In addition to Estonian facial features which are not limited to scandinavian or slavic look, our database is also covered when it comes to ethnicities. If we don't have the right talent in our catalogue, we will go and find him or her from wherever needed! Scouting possibility as well in Finland and Latvia! Don't hesitate to let us know if you need for your production as well make-up and stylist - we can arrange even that! Power and energy!


Terje Kissa

Terje Kissa has a background in
film making and years of experience in
Italian fashion industry. One thing for
sure: delivers you fashionable
castings...in italian if needed!


Kärt Väinola

Kärt Väinola got the knack for making films while working for Black Nights Film Festival. 
Nerves made of steel and no need for long sleep - perfect combination for the business. 


Piret Laos

As a former radio voice Piret really knows how to sound super pleasent on the phone calling the talent in for the casting session. Don't miss her call! 

make up

Kaire Hendrikson

No one can be better than Kaire Hendrikson at preparing fake hands and gunshot wounds! Apart from being good at make-up and special effects there is another important thing - she is always there when you need her - no need for walki-talkies to find her.

make up


Mammu started working as a make-up artist by accident and luck but it was her talent and hard work that made her very renowned and sought after make-up artist. For her, everything that can be created with hands- painting, handycrafts, drumming- is the thing!


Liis Plato

Liis is an acknowledged Estonian stylist worked on numourous features, commercials, fashion shoots. She delivers style flawlessely! Patricia Field would be in trouble if Liis decided to change the country.